Since 1986 I The workshop : A magical place to be…
CanArts / Laurent Crouzet - Artist / St-Rambert en Bugey (FRANCE)
Drawing is my first big discovery and I like doing things that I enjoy, I think these are the best two things in life. I'm always feeling good with my pencils, felts, brushes and nowadays with my computers. This story continued with my new workshop, it is built in the center of the nature and I like it because it's very important for me to be connected with my roots and also to the world through the internet. It's so good to take time to think of a better way of life. I have always needed to be critical of society and products who they want to sold us. CanArts is my answer, a label that I have used to produce my ideas. The workshop is a magical place to be, now I can make art !
Since 1968 I About me : Simply an artist…
I was born in Lyon "the second" city of France, in 1968, I don't know if it's a real sign but since the beginning I never liked the matrix where we live in. I'm an "ugly duckling", I'm not a number, I'm a free man, I'm simply an artist…
  • 1986 Composed and made music at KeyStudio
  • 1988 Started studying at ENSAL / Worked like a graphic designer freelance
  • 1994 Worked like a graphic designer at &Associés, an advertising studio
  • 1995 Co-founded Asylum, a 3D studio / Today a 3D solutions for Architecture
  • 1997 Co-founded and managed Guet-Apens, a 2D and 3D animation studios
  • 2000 Made a graphic tools for the online store /
  • 2009 Composed a musical projects / Alone
  • 2010 Worked on architectural project / Home & head office for Guet-Apens
  • 2012 Worked on CanArts website / Programming a new version of my artistic website
  • 2014 Worked on Fitz'Good project / Design products and website for an animal shop
  • 2016 Worked on new products for the online store /
CanArts / Laurent Crouzet - Artist / St-Rambert en Bugey (FRANCE)
CanArts / Laurent Crouzet - Artist / St-Rambert en Bugey (FRANCE)Secure Payement
CanArts / Laurent Crouzet - Artist / St-Rambert en Bugey (FRANCE)
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